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Thompson Crowley Masonry Repair Services

 For three generations, Thompson Crowley Masonry Inc. has provided professional masonry services to Massachusetts residents and business owners. We provide masonry installations and repairs.  Our brick, stone and concrete works are the cornerstone of our business. After repairing masonry for decades, we know what will fail in our New England weather and what will stand the test of time. When building, we implement our knowledge and experience, resulting in clean and professional sought after work.

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FAQs Frequently asked questions

Do you build retaining walls? Yes we build and repair stone retaining walls..
Can you repair my stone foundation? Yes we specialize in stone and brick masonry foundations with basement sealing.
Can you fix my brick steps. Yes we can repair any aspect of brick steps. Brick tread repairs, brick pointing and new brick step construction. Do you do stone steps? Yes we build and repair stone steps.

Do you build stone walls in Danvers, Wakefield, Middleton, Beverly and surrounding areas? Yes we also work in Saugus, Stoneham and Melrose area.


At Thompson Crowley Masonry we work with home and business owners to provide the best in quality for their budget. If you are in the market for masonry repairs or complete masonry renovations we can help. We have the experience to repair, restore or completely remove your old failing brick, stone or concrete products and replace them with new construction. We work with all masonry materials, be it manufactured concrete, traditional brick or stone. Over the years we have become very familiar with local quarried stone and existing bricks used in homes and businesses on the North Shore and the Boston area.

  We know what stone, brick or mortars to use that will match your existing work and provide a professional repair or installation, without marring your home or business with unsightly, amateur work.


 Stone walls by Thompson Crowley Masonry are offered with care and attention to detail. We have learned over generations what works and what will hold up to our Massachusetts climate. We are local Mason contractors who specialize in stone repair work. Stone walls are a great way to instantly transform your property and add New England style and stability. Stone retaining walls can define boundaries and property lines. Home or business owners can accent entryways or paths with natural stone, stone steps, stone veneers or walkways. 

 Stone walls can be repaired with local quarry stone, select wall stones and many variations of round field stones. There are many lines of granite and specialty stone to choose from. If you have a particular wall or veneer stone that needs matching chances are we have worked with it before and can provide expert pricing and repairs.


Thompson Crowley Masonry works with local property owners to provide stone wall repair services. We have been installing stone walls for three generations locally in Massachusetts. There is no guess work on matching local stone or providing materials. We own our own equipment and install our own work. Our company repairs stone retaining walls, accent walls, free standing boundary walls and works with all aspects of stone masonry. Dry stone boundary wall repairs.


 Brick repairs by Thompson Crowley Masonry are made by inspection of the brick and masonry joints. Most bricks can be repaired in individual sections or bricks. Structures typically don't fail if the masonry foundation is sound. Masonry joints can be ground and chiseled to allow for new masonry grout. We have years of experience matching grouts and mortars.We use high strength fortified cements to make repairs and traditional lime based mortars during period restorations. All of our brick repair work is completed by professional brick layers and qualified mason contractors.
 Brick stair risers can be rebuilt with new brick. Brick treads can be rebuilt with brick or natural stone. Stone treads and landings are often used with new step construction due to their strength and beauty.
  Brick foundations can be repaired by rebuilding failing section or with pointing and foundation waterproofing.We often rebuild foundation corners and foundation wall section to allow for structural integrity and no sign of foundation failure. 
Failing bricks can be removed and replaced with new bricks. All brick repairs are made to restore property and brick structures. Brick veneers and brick walls can be repaired and restored with matching bricks and mortar.

Thompson Crowley Masonry has three generations of experience repairing bricks and masonry in Massachusetts. We work with all home owners to fix, repair or replace your brick work. We are licensed Massachusetts masonry contractors with expert brick training. We know how to fix brick steps and brick foundations to restore your homes appearance and structural integrity.

 In New England many brick foundations sit on stone foundation bases. Our company specializes in stone and brick foundation restoration from brick and stone pointing to complex rebuilds. Brick steps repairs is one of our most popular services. If your steps are made from brick we can fix the steps.

 In the market for new brick steps for an update or curb appeal we can help you meet your project goals. Have old wood steps and need to replace them with new masonry? We can help. We carry up to date Massachusetts contractors license and insurance which is required by building code to build brick steps.​


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