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Saugus, Lynn, Beverly, Salem and Swampscott

Melrose, Wakefield, Reading, Danvers

Peabody, Middleton, Stoneham and all fine towns and cities.

Serving the North Shore including Lynn, Salem, Peabody, Swampscott and surrounding areas. We have extensively worked in all local areas our stone foundation work can be seen in Danvers, Beverly, Lynnfield and surrounding city's and towns. 

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Thompson Crowley Masonry Inc. offers complete foundation repairs. We have been repairing stone, block and brick foundations for three generations. Year after year our company restores Massachusetts foundations. We know the best way to rebuild stone foundation base footprints and brick foundations. From bowing foundation walls to loose stone joints or bricks we can help. We have the experience and expert know how to secure your homes most important aspect your foundation.  We specialize in structural repairs and basement waterproofing. We are state licensed and insured to handle all aspects of your project. We can repair  your stone, brick or block foundation. Loose stone, failing wall sections , brick work and stone repairs. We can help with all your foundation needs. Being stone and brick masons we can professionally work on your homes most important feature its foundation.

 Beyond drains and sealants and gimmicks our company repairs the structure. We are professional stone masons with decades of Massachusetts foundation repair experience. We can stop and divert water, waterproof your stone foundation, repair your stone foundation walls, fix sills and joist and rotted wood work, add steal columns and supports. 

    Contact us today for all your foundation needs thompsonandcrowley@gmail.com
               We actually repair foundations, the old fashioned way. 617-633-1896

     Best Foundation Repairs

     Reset all loose stones.

     Repair all damaged brick work with brick pointing, or brick replacement.

     Repoint all stone with Portland cement and coarse sand for a permanent repair. 

     Seal all walls with sealant if required

     Address all sill related concerns, Sill replacement or addition of new sill

     Floor joist and joist splices are inspected along with all girders and pier post.

     Concrete lally columns can be added for additional foundation support 

     Massachusetts stone foundation repairs

     Master stone mason working on your stone foundation

     Licensed  Construction Supervisor on job sight at all times.

     Full insurance and workmans compensation for our workers and your protection

     Generations of stone and brick foundation repairs

     Salem stone foundation repairs, Peabody stone foundation repairs

     Danvers stone foundation repairs, Wakefield stone foundation repairs

     Swampscott stone foundation repairs

​     Local third generation mason

Take no chances with quick fix companies
We often repair these "fixed" basements and foundation walls; it is very bad masonry practice to seal in failing masonry. Its truly only temporary and any repairs are only surface deep, nothing has been done to relieve any structural concerns.

 Most quick fix companies only deal with cement poured foundation cracks. They just don't have the on staff masonry experience to deal with historic New England homes. Thompson Crowley is a third generation New England Company.

Crumbling Masonry joints
Crumbling joints or voids in stone wall joints are often a tell tale sign of needing a masonry repair. Failing foundation walls are often constructed using no more than hydrated lime and sand. The pressure of the stone foundation actually held these foundation walls together, but after time they crumble and get that soft white appearance. Today we use Portland cement or mortar with Portland cement, typically type s mortar. We like to use a rich Portland cement sand mix for its strength when working with stone and mortar with brick.

Bowing Foundation Walls
 Walls bowing or bulging are an obvious sign that foundation repairs are needed. We can rebuild the failed section or sections thereby completely eliminating any sign of foundation failure.Great attention to detail is taken when working with stone supporting your most valuable asset.

Water spots or seepage 
 If you're getting water into your basement  through your foundation walls or floor we can fix it.
Over the years we've solved hundreds of complex water problems involving basements and foundations. From the very simple to all out rivers running directly through homes. To date we have not encountered a water problem that couldn't be solved.
 A lot of people go straight to sump pumps for a quick solution. This is not always the best answer . Proper repairs and basement water sealing will eliminate most problems so that you don't have to settle for living with an unwanted water or moisture.

 Foundation walls made from stone will need maintenance and repairs over time. A lot of Massachusetts homes with stone or brick foundations were built in the 1800's to early 1900's  so after a hundred plus years the foundations are in need of repairs; repairs ranging from stone to brick repairs to sealing. Stone foundation pointing is the first step in any basement waterproofing. A lot of times old basement walls were bonded with lime and sand completely void of Portland cement.

 These wall joints often have a soft white flaky appearance. Over the years ground salts build up in existing wall joints and plastering, these salts are transferred by the water cycle and capillary action. This starts with infiltration, a process by which water enters ground soil, the absorption rate and run off. Quite simply put, if there’s not a barrier between  the ground water and your basement, infiltration will continue. This barrier being your foundation wall must have a low porosity rate. By removing the aged damaged joints and plastering that have a high salt and porosity rate and replacing the the  joints with new high strength masonry we are effectively creating the desired barrier. Once the barrier is created, the saturated outside soil will then begin to run off and no longer enter your basement through your foundation walls.

 Having completed all necessary foundation repairs and holding back the volume of hydrostatic pressure we can know begin the sealing basement waterproofing  process. Complete structural foundation repairs available.