Brick step repairs

 At Thompson Crowley we work exclusively with the home or business owners to determine the most value for their brick stair repairs. A lot of brick steps can be rebuilt with additional brick and limited disposal. We can repair any aspect of brick steps.
 Loose bricks, failing joints, landing tiles or loose treads. Brick stair work can be completed with in the existing stair footprint or with an additional footings to enlarge your steps. Brick stairs and brick steps on the front porch often have house abutments and are governed by the building codes. We are state licensed and up to date on current code compliance. All of our brick stair construction is built with care attention to detail.
 Our brick repairs are no different, we spend the majority of our masonry season working on brick steps. We know how to repair your steps, rebuild your steps or completely replace your steps. What ever your budget is we have a options and professional masonry ability that can fit your needs. 


 Budget Masonry repairs 

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How we repair brick steps

check for loose or failing brick
determine if there is any loose brick or stone treads
loose masonry can either be reset or discarded and replaced with new material
check all stair masonry joints for failure and openings
check landing platform for openings or water penetration areas
check pitch of landing and stair treads to determine any water pooling
grind and chisel out all loose mortar and mortar beds
color match mortars and sand if possible
replace failed masonry with new if needed
once all masonry is set, let mortar cure then lightly brush to clean any mortar smears
clean and wash brick stairs once complete
clean work site and dispose of all masonry debris
allow 48 hours for the brick step repair to fully cure before foot traffic

At Thompson Crowley Masonry we work with brick stairs with experience and knowledge to repair your stairs the first time. A lot of our repairs are fixing attempted patch work by the inexperienced contractor, home owners or landscapers. Our company has its roots in brick work and remains focused today on providing professional masonry services at budget rates.

Our masonry company has been serving homeowners in Essex County, MA. And Middlesex County, MA. for three generations. We have never been a big company, always a small, family orientated company. Lynn, Salem, Peabody, Danvers and Swampscott area brick step repairs and construction. We also work in Wakefield, Reading, Stoneham, Melrose and other fine areas.

We don't operate with large crews with subcontracting, if you call 617-633-1896 chances are you will talk to the owner directly. We are happy to answer any of your brick repair questions or discuss possible new brick projects.


If you are in the market for new brick stairs we can help.

 With years of experience constructing brick stairs and all the necessary licensing and insurance to build brick stairs legally in Massachusetts we have you covered.

 Brick stairs
do require building permits and the masonry skills to construct stairs in accordance to building codes. Brick stairs constructed legally and professionally  are a sound investment for any Massachusetts home.

   We also offer residentialbrick repairs. We can often rebuild and repair damaged brick stairs without having to replace the whole structure. Our masonry skills are not limited to surface brick patches leaving unsightly smears of home center mortar repair all over your property. Masonry cement and mortar are masonry bonding agents and belong between bricks or stone not on the surface of the brick. What good at all is smearing mortar on the exterior of a brick if the brick joint is still failing.

Too many quick fix companies charge large sums for just this bad service, taking no thought or care that they just scarred someones home , often the main entry way.

We think of a brick repair as just that , an actual masonry repair .
Removing the damaged bricks, brick pointing , resetting bricks or stone. When making repairs our goal for a brick repair would be that the brick repair is undetected from the rest of the structure that there be no bright white cement joints next to aged masonry joints. We use only professional masonry products and practices, resulting in overall quality work.

Brick foundation repairs
are also available as part of our complete foundation repairs. Brick foundations usually sit on old stone foundations. We can rebuild sections of brick foundations eliminating any signs of foundation failure. Over the years we've rebuilt countless sections of foundations and whole brick foundations one section at a time. Brick foundation corners can be rebuilt and securing your brick foundation for years to come. Structural brick foundation repairs made by licensed and insured Massachusetts masonry contractor.