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Budget Masonry accomplished New England mason contractors with years of experience repairing and installing Massachusetts masonry. We repair and build brick, stone and cement masonry, and work with your budget. From small repairs to extensive masonry repairs and construction we can help. Save on materials, disposal and labor charges and restore your existing masonry.
 Benefit from three generations of masonry and stone work. With the skill and ability to repair, rebuild or replace your masonry .We can work with what ever your budget allows for. Our company is fully licensed and insured and up to date on all Massachusetts Building codes. 

 We are expert third generation mason contractors with 50 plus continuous years of family masonry in Massachusetts, if its made from brick, block, stone or cement we can fix it or restore it.​

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  • Pro masonry repair services
  • Foundation crack repairs
  • Block repairs, cement block wall repairs, segmented wall repairs
  • Concrete and crack repairs, concrete walkways , walls, floors and patios repaired
  • Stucco repairs and cement finishing
  • Structural repairs, repairing all loose or failed masonry 
  • Restoring your home to its original secure structure without any sign of failed masonry.
  • Replacement of aged masonry with new masonry , brick, pavers, stone work or walkways for that priceless curb appeal. 
  • Foundation repairs with basement water sealing. Home foundation repairs and business foundation repairs. Best foundation repairs, basement leaks
  • Foundation repairs with waterproofing services
  • Brick repairs including brick masonry, brick steps, brick stairs, brick foundation repairs, brick pointing or brick replacement. 
  • Brick step cracks, loose bricks and stones
  • stone retaining walls repairs, professional stone retaining walls, artisan stone work, stone masonry 
  • cement block repairs
  • stone wall repairs , stone retaining wall construction
  • Winchester brick step repairs, Winchester stone wall repairs.
  • Winchester stone foundation repairs
  • ​Burlington masonry repairs, Burlington brick step repairs
  • Lynn, Salem and Peabody masonry repairs. Peabody stone masonry, Saugus masonry repairs and stone retaining walls
  • Salem, Massachusetts foundation repairs. Salem stone foundation repairs.
  • ​Local third generation Massachusetts masonry company working on the North Shore
  • ​Garage restoration including concrete floors, garage foundations, garage concrete aprons, structural wood repairs





Brick work   repairs Not every brick stair or stone wall needs to be ripped down and carted off. We can usually repair your masonry for the cost of the demolition and disposal of a new project. Brick masonry typically does not fail as a whole unit only segments with the old mortar failing. So rebuilding bricks or brick pointing or replacing only the damaged bricks is a great value and keeping the cost of the masonry repair to the repair and not inflated material cost. 

Stone wall repairs  can be made using existing stone for walls. We often add additional wall stone to allow for failed sections that were often constructed with no more than rubble. A lot of stone work and stone retaining walls can be rebuilt using all existing  wall stone. Stone foundation walls can be pointed and rebuilt with out any sign of failure. All of our masonry projects and masonry repairs are completed with care and attention to detail.

Masonry repairs 
 can range from the very basic removing a few damaged bricks and replacing them, to removing sections of foundations and rebuilding them. Every aspect of a professional repair takes experience and knowledge of the materials: how to carefully chisel out the failing sections without having the complete structure collapse, an element we like to mention when stressing the importance of having a experienced, 3rd generation, fully licensed and insured pro masonry repair mason. 

Foundation repairs
 are exactly what they sound like. The foundation of your home is not a place to cut corners or trust the inexperienced to repair.  With a complete home foundation repair we remove all the aged joints, a task for a professional stone mason. You also must know how to differentiate between possible shims or fillers, what's supporting the stone or the joint, what's keeping the stone set in place; all this must be considered when repairing stone foundation walls.  We have the experience from building stone walls and repairing countless amounts of walls. If someone was to remove wall joint supports (stone wedges that hold stones plumb)  that support the stone and replace them with cement as this would cause stress on the joint and later the cracks you paid to have repaired would be back, if the wall didn't collapse, shift, bulge or bow which are all signs of failure. Failure is not a word you ever want to think about, and when you are talking about foundations it becomes a more serious structural failure. Avoid all these concerns and go with a trusted name in Masonry.

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